• Aerodynamics of Human Development

While we are struggling with a long series of painful events and other disappointing things, some people seem to have figured it all out. And when we ask those people how they did it, their answer is something like: f*ckin' hard work, universal love, or I woke up one day and I saw rainbows everywhere.

I carefully considered then, and reached the only logical conclusion that was left: I must be incompatible with life as we know it. And so, I embarked on this obsessive journey of relentlessly asking myself and others all kinds of questions to find out whether there can be a better way of life, an easier and more convenient one?

There is! - I was finally relieved to find out.

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For if we understand…

We will appreciate the journey

And can better live it.

Season your their our life to perfection.

In an attempt to help us understand the unique structure of our lives and build on what we already possess according to our own individuality, this book, rather than examining specific issues or methods in much detail, identifies the 9 main human developmental cycles, from the moment we are born to the point of our death.

Expiration: Chapters of Lifing

© Copyright of illustrations by Emily Fischer Field. Adapted with permission of the artist.

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